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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:51 pm

On this forum you are subject to the same standards that you are on the official Firefall Forums

Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

The following are the basic rules that users of the Red 5 Studios community website must adhere to. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disciplinary action including and up to the banning of your website and/or game account. Because not all situations can be foreseen, all moderation and actions taken to moderate the community website is at the sole discretion of Red 5 Studios and the community moderators. All rules and regulations are subject to change.


While participating in any community functions, events or discussions, it is imperative that you respect your fellow community members and Red 5 Studios staff. This means that harassment, threats, trolling or otherwise causing others distress is strictly prohibited. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


The community website is designed for players of all ages. As such, the language on the forums should remain at a non-adult level. This includes refraining from using vulgar, explicit, threatening, abusive, defamatory, hateful, racially, nationally, or ethnically offensive language in your communications with any community member or Red 5 Studios staff. Circumventing any automated filters or censors that may be in place is also prohibited.

Outside Links

You may not link to outside websites that are malicious in intent or spotlight any sexual, harmful, threatening, abusive or otherwise offensive content. This includes websites as well as any images, movies or other types of media.

Impersonating Red 5 Studios Staff

Pretending to be a Red 5 Studios staff member, a member of the moderation, game master or any other type of employee related to Red 5 Studios will be dealt with swiftly and decisively. This includes utilizing any Red 5 Studios logos as an avatar or signature on the community website or in game.

Illegal Content

You may not violate any local, state, national, or international laws or regulations. This includes the posting or discussion of illegal or copyrighted material.


You may not use the community website to market, advertise, or solicit any products or services. You may not post advertisements for websites that are not directly related to Red 5 Studios products or projects.

Cliques and Groups

You should not form or participate in any groups whose ideology is based on or resembles anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-sexual orientation, racist, or sexist philosophies. Be inclusive, not exclusive.


Spamming the forums is not allowed. This includes re-posting the same content over and over, cross-posting the same content to multiple forums, posting short responses (“first”, “bump”, etc) or any other type of content that does not directly add to the ongoing discussion or add to the features of the community site.

Private Information

Posting personal information of other posters, Red 5 Studios staff or any other member of the community site is prohibited. This includes the posting of addresses, phone numbers, real names, or private messages without the explicit written permission of sender. The Internet is serious business.

Religious or Political Topics

Religious or political topics should not be posted on the Red 5 Studios community site. Topics of this nature will be closed and/or deleted.

Re-Posting Content

Do not re-post content or cross-post content. If a topic has been closed or deleted, it was done so for a reason. Re-posted content will be removed along with the person posting it again.

Trolls and Trolling

A troll is someone that posts on the forums simply to make others upset. They often post content that is meant to cause division in the community or force you to argue with them. Trolling is strictly prohibited. Please do not post in troll threads. Utilize the community reporting features to report the content as soon as possible so that it can be removed.

Secondary Accounts

Each user is allowed one primary account. While secondary accounts are not prohibited, utilizing a second account to troll, cause derision or otherwise cause problems on the site is not allowed. Individuals found attempting this tactic will be removed.

Disciplinary Actions

We will not discuss disciplinary actions taken against members of the community site. This applies to private messages as well as publicly on the forums. We ask that you not attempt creating drama around these actions. Any posts or content found mentioning infractions, bans or other disciplinary actions will be removed and may result in further actions.

Terms of Service

Community site members must not violate or promote the violation of the Terms of Service, code of conduct or the End User License Agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Posting, re-posting, linking or discussing any content that breaches any non-disclosure agreements that may or may not be in place is prohibited. This includes any screenshots, movies, spoilers or other material covered in the non-disclosure agreement.

Ideas and Suggestions

Any and all ideas or suggestions posted on the forums or submitted to Red 5 are immediately deemed as public domain, meaning that you are forgoing any and all rights to those ideas. Please only share what you are willing to part with.

Be Yourself

Misrepresenting yourself in your posts, signatures, avatars, etc. as another player or as the leader of a group is prohibited.


All of the text above can be summed up by saying, be a human being. This is a community for a disparate group of people with a myriad of backgrounds. Keep that in mind as you post or participate and everyone will get along.

Violations to the above rules and guidelines will result in actions taken against your primary user account. Occasionally the actions may be taken against the user's IP address. Further abuse may result in reports to the user's internet service provider.

If you feel you were banned in error or wish to file a complaint, please send an e-mail outlying the issue to nobodygivesafuck@bitchyougotbannedforareason.com. Appeals and complaints will be handled in the order received.


Ragnarok forum rules for ease of use for all users (violations carry lesser punishments then those that may be necessary for stated above punishment defined here in)

signatures should be no larger then 650x400 with an ideal of being 650x200 and should include IGN name within. typed signatures are fine so long as they meet with all other forum rules.
signature violation - your signature will be removed upon discovery

IGN - Hamaya
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Forum Rules
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