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 About Ragnarok?

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PostSubject: About Ragnarok?   Tue May 22, 2012 9:00 pm

1: How long has this clan/tribe/group/army whatever, existed?
2: Do you play other games?
3: Why do you guys use "raidcall" instead of the more common teamspeak / mumble / ventrilo
4: What is the goal of this team
7: How many members do we have
5: What time frame do people generally play
2: Is there a pecking order or ranks or is everyone equal
8: What motivates you to get dressed in the morning?
9: Did you notice that I scrambled the question order?
10: How many members are we trying to obtain and what criteria must they meet
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PostSubject: Re: About Ragnarok?   Tue May 22, 2012 11:08 pm

1. Officially been known as Ragnarok since July of 2011
2. Not officially, but if you have been around raidcall you would see we play other games together.
3. It just sort of ended up this way, It allows us to limit who can join. Not just by password but you actually have to apply to join the raidcall "group" which means we can only have our members outside of the guest area Smile. Does so in a very user friendly way
4. PvE, PvP were a dysfunctional family who just want to play the game.
7. Unknown, our estimate from the Beta Army when it was accessible w/ inactive users is over 200 globally, but as far as active users goes as of this post probably 70ish
5. Depends on the region
2. Ragnarok Leader (me) Regional Leaders, and staff. Staff are just moderators to keep the peace. Were also having an honored/trusted member group, but they are mostly dealing with guests and are not more powerful than a normal member.
8. The desire to not be naked at school
9. Yes, I was going to ask about that at the end but I see it was intentional.
10. We are not trying to meet a quota, if someone who we feel will fit us applys, or we befriend someone who would fit and ask them to join, they will join. As we grow larger we will be more particular about who we accept as I do not wish to grow too big to still maintain a "community" feeling. Criteria is that you must be able to speak/type english be mature and fun to be around.

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About Ragnarok?
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