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 Application Process

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Ragnarok Staff

Ragnarok Staff

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PostSubject: Application Process   Fri Jun 29, 2012 9:27 am

How do you apply for Ragnarok? It is easy! Simply fill out the appliaction form below, and post it in your own thread labeled "<Your Firefall Forum name>'s application" in this section

Firefall Forum ID (Must be identical to your Ragnarok Forum name):
IGN(s) MUST be included in signature:
Languages you know:
Frame(s) played:
Level of Frames:
Beta access?: (Yes or no)
Additional Information: this includes FPS and RPG experience

After your application has been reviewed, 2 staff members will inform you on whether or not you were accepted and lock the topic.(This apply to all application's on or after June 29th.)

Please also note You will not be accepted till we are familiar with you this process could take up to 14 days 7 if your highly active. you can also have a number of members vouch for you. This will tell the staff that they believe you would be a good fit.

LOOK for the people on raidcall with (R) next to their name. They are here to help you get to know the staff and members of Ragnarok.

Another amendment is to come here at a later date

If you have been accepted by 2 or more staff but still can not see the other forums sections please feel free to pm me and let me know. Please do not forget to provide a link to application in pm as this will speed up the process.

Any application that is inactive for 30 days or more will be removed they can be recovered by staff.

The application process will change as firefall launches

having technical difficulty or need administrative assistance feel free to pm
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Application Process
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