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 Members, please read this.

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PostSubject: Members, please read this.   Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:42 pm

Now this has been a minor problem in general for some time, it has caused confusion and stress for those who were on both the receiving end, and those who had to clean up your mess.

Now I have spoken to several of you on your own about it, and with you the problems have been fixed. This is just a general reminder to everyone that you SHOULD NOT post information on behalf of the army unless otherwise instructed to. If you are in a position where someone needs information, please if you can just link them to our site, or a thread containing that information rather than paraphrasing it, I mean "Sign up on raidcall, it will help us get to know you better" type of stuff is great, just be sure to include a link to HOW to sign up for raidcall. I've generally noticed that some people are also jumping the gun on events and such, this is bad. An event will be posted by the Ragnarok staff (or normal member) running it. Please do not jump the gun and post potentially incorrect information, as most of what I am ranting about here was simply a user(s) trying to help, getting ahead of themselves and posting the information they had, which had changed since he or she last heard said information. If you guys could double check the information you have before posting it and or confirm it, especially in regards to events and such that would be great. Also bear in mind information may have changed since you signed up, or last did X activity, so please CHECK before you post potentially false information. Not only does it stress both the receiver and the staff out because we have guests or members doing something they don't need to or shouldn't but the person who is doing it certainly doeskin get a good impression of us either.

Thanks for reading,

P.S Don't make assumptions about moderators or administrators taking certain action and DO NOT speak for them. "Administrators will be contacted accordingly" Is better than "Admins will ban you if you do wrong"

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Members, please read this.
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