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 Vespetine's Application

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PostSubject: Vespetine's Application   Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:50 am

Firefall Forum ID: Vespitine

(Vespetine was already taken on the forums, and I didnt want to spam your forum with two accounts, so I went along and proceeded the application as is, I hope this won't be an issue)

IGN: Vespetine.

Languages: English, Russian.

Ragion: US West (California)

Frames: Biotech

Frame Level: Half way through Tier 1.

Beta Access: Yes.

Additional Information:

FPS Experience: I've gotten into playing FPS/TPS games ever since about a year ago when I tried APB out. Unfortunately, the game was full of angry PvPers. I went along and played Crimecraft, Planetside2, Fallen Earth, and Warframe as well. I enjoyed all games, but some lacked the social aspect I think most players look for in games.

RPG Experience: I've played RPG's for quite a while now. Anything from Dofus and Wakfu, to Aion and DCUO.

I've been playing action-combat oriented games more recently because I've slowly, but sure got bored of the point and click games.

Anyway, hope I'm what you're looking for, and I'm sorry for the FireFall/Ragnarok Forum mixup. I wanted my Ragnarok forum name to be the same as my IGN, but later, as I was looking at the application format, I learned that the Firefall and Ragnarok forum names had to be identical.
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Vespetine's Application
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