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 GuiltyCharged's Application

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PostSubject: GuiltyCharged's Application   Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:35 am

Firefall Forum ID:


Languages you know:
English and Spanish.

US (central)

Frames played:
Engi, Raptor, Biotech, Recon, DragonFly, FireCat, Assualt, Dread, and Rhino.

Level of Frames:
Engi, Rhino-Not much The rest-Well over 100k ea. (Raptor Fav)

Beta access?: (Yes or no):

Additional Information:
There's too many to list I'm in computer science. I've made and played a lot of games. But as for the favorites.

Childhood Favorites:
Maplestory and Toontown.

Mid Teen:
WoW and Vindictus.

What I have on my desktop now:
Civ Rev 5, TF2, Terraria, Vindictus, Minecraft, LoL, RoM, SWTOR, Maplestory, Need For Speed, Aion, Portal 2, Ace of Spades, Grand Ages Rome, TERA, FireFall.

Favorites now:
Minecraft, TERA, Ace of Spades, FireFall. (But of course mostly firefall, on everyday.)
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GuiltyCharged's Application
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