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 BeetleJet's Application

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PostSubject: BeetleJet's Application   Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:51 am

Firefall Forum ID (Must be identical to your Ragnarok Forum name): BeetleJet
IGN(s) MUST be included in signature: BeetleJet
Languages you know: English, Some spanish, Some Italian, Some French
Region: USA, Tx
Frame(s) played: All
Level of Frames: 3 T2 Fully Plated (Bio, Engin, D-naught)
Beta access?: Yes also bought the Commander's package.
Additional Information: I pretty much play everything but i tend to stick to MMORPG's a lot more, I have played pretty much all the goodies everything from Everquest, Shadow Bane, DaOc, WoW, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, All Diablo games, Starcraft 2, and many many more.

*Also have a Mic and whichever client you guys use to chat with will be no problem

If you guys need any more info. just let me know!

Thank you
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BeetleJet's Application
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